Sleeper oil

Sleeper Oil delivers a more traditional sleeper colour for landscape timbers

What is Sleeper Oil?

Sleeper Oil is a decorative secondary timber treatment designed to enhance the appearance of timber and replicate a finish similar to that of creosote treated timber.

As a decorative non-biocidal product, timber to be coated with Sleeper Oil must either be naturally durable to the level required by its application or first be impregnated with a preservative such as Celcure to provide the required level of protection against fungal decay and wood destroying insects.


As part of a high pressure preservation system, treated timber coated with Sleeper Oil is effective in all Use Class applications from UC1-UC4. Its use, in conjunction with a Celcure preservative, means however that the system is best suited to Use Class 3 and 4 applications where the risk of fungal decay and deterioration is the greatest and where the timber finish is of importance such as cladding, fencing, landscaping timbers, agricultural stakes etc. If used in conjunction with a non-preservative treated timber species (i.e. a naturally durable timber), the use of the resulting Sleeper Oil coated product is strictly limited by the inherent durability of the timber species.

Use Class


1 – Above ground, covered. Permanently dry, insect risk.
2 – Above ground, covered. Occasional risk of wetting.
3a – Above ground, coated. Exposed to frequent wetting.
4 – In contact with ground or fresh water. Permanently exposed to wetting.

Expected Service Life of Celcure products coated with Sleeper Oil

Formulations are applied in accordance with the current European Standards regime. The following Desired Service Life categories from BS 8417 therefore apply to Celcure products coated with Sleeper Oil.

Components in Use Class 1 & 2 – 60 years
Components in Use Class 3 – 15 and 30 years
Components in Use Class 4 – 15 and 30 years
(Dependent on the particular species being treated)


Sleeper Oil coated timber will initially have a dark brown / black appearance that resembles timber treated with creosote; this will weather to a dark grey colour before finally fading to a driftwood grey, after long term exposure to the sun.